Reach more people with subtitles is a subtitle tool made for video creators. It provides functionalities like automatic speech recognition, text translation and time-code matching, to break the language boundary of knowledge diffusion。

How It Works
Get subtitles in 3 easy steps
Upload the video / audio file. Multiple files can be uploaded at one time. Miscellaneous file formats are supported.
The transcribing will start as soon as possible, and get done in minutes. Multiple spoken languages and target languages are supported.
After finishing the transaction, subtitles can be previewed and exported as .srt/.vtt or other formats. Multiple files can be exported at one time.
Why it matters
Do you know?
  • 85% of videos on Facebook are played without sound
  • 80% more people watched a video to completion when subtitles included
  • The most common language, English, is only spoken by 25.5% of people worldwide provides tools for better communication
Affordable is far cheaper than traditional services, and the unit price is very competitive among similar products.
Simple and Fast
With the easy-to-use web interface and powerful AI engine, works can be finished quickly without complex configuration.
Professional is a dedicated subtitle tool, which generates subtitles in multiple languages and add accurate time codes.
Simple and transparent pricing
$0.05 per minute,*
pay only for what you actually use.
Get started now, free for the first 3 files ↓
Frequently Asked Questions
How does work? accepts uploaded video/audio files and convert them to text, with accurate time-codes. It's all done by the cutting-edge AI engine, quickly and securely.
How to get best transcription quality?
What languages can I transcribe?
What file types can I upload?
What file formats can I export?
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